Japanese sweets – yokan

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Japanese beauty is present not only in design, but in many other areas of life, including traditional dishes. Japanese people attach great importance to the taste and appearance of dishes and to the way they are served. Especially impressive are the desserts named yokan, which are made of red bean paste, agar and sugar. This is the kind of wagashi – a traditional Japanese sweets, prepared using only natural ingredients.


Toraya’s Yokan. Source: toraya-group.blogspot.jp


Toraya’s Yokan. Source: toraya-group.blogspot.jp


Toraya’s Yokan. Source: toraya-group.blogspot.jp


Kuri Yokan. Source: betterhome.jp


Yokan Ome. Source: webyoshino.exblog.jp/14489306


Yokan. Source: webyoshino.exblog.jp


Kuri Mushi Yokan. Source: webyoshino.exblog.jp


Yokan Toraya. Source: pinterest.com


Kurimushi Yokan. Source: wagashipix.com/articles/yokan/chestnut-yokan.html


Toraya’s Yokan. Source: wagashipix.com/articles/yokan/torayas-yokan.html


Yokan: Matcha Green Tea and Ginger. Source: gion-niti.com/staffblog/archives/2012/01/post-54.html


Green tea and Mizu Yokan. Source: aixxx.wordpress.com


Yokan. Source: blog.s-woman.net/sumikko/c05


Mt Fuji Matcha Yokan by Kindaruma. Source: kayos-japanese-omiyage.blogspot.com/2012/12/yokan.html

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