Kyoto Design House

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In the center of Kyoto, on the first floor of the Niwaka building (designed by Tadao Ando), there is a shop with beautiful ​​things for home and interior decoration – Kyoto Design House. The store offers about 1500 products which are made using various materials and traditional craft techniques. We can find here tableware, interior decoration, ceramics and other accessories. Kyoto Design House also organizes exhibitions and events connected with Japanese design.


Tea Caddy for Japanese Green Tea


Tea Caddy for Japanese Green Tea


Kyusu and Yunomi: Green Tea Set


Gui Nomi Sake Cups


“Tsuzure Ori” Nishi-jin Textile Book Cover


Three Bean Brothers


Black / White Glazed Teapot


Chopsticks and Rest


Cup Coaster


Elm’s Forest Candle




Jakuchu Postcards


Japanese Decorative Tape


Kirikane Card Case


Nishijin Fabric Wana Velvet Business Card Case


Lantern-Patterned Dish


Nut Bowl


Pitcher and Cup Set for Sake


Porcelain and Glass Bottle Set for Sake


Rice Bowl




Silk Scarf


Ojami Pillow


Ojami Pillows


Store Interior


Store Interior


Store Interior

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