Japanese avant-garde: Yayoi Kusama

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Yayoi Kusama, born in 1929, is one of the most popular artists representing the Japanese avant-garde. Her paintings, sculptures, installations and collages are obsessively covered with vivid patterns, mainly spots that are Yayoi’s identity mark. The Artist has also organized happenings and her own fashion shows.

Yayoi initially created paintings of abstract forms, using oil paints, watercolors and pastels. In 1957 she moved to the United States, where she exhibited her large-format paintings, sculptures and installations made ​of mirrors and lights; participated in happenings and anti-war demonstrations. She is also author of novels that she began to write after returning to Japan in 1973.

Hallucinations and other psychiatric disorders that the author suffered from in childhood heavily influenced the nature of her work. Now she creates in his own studio in Tokyo.

Yayoi Kusama has participated in many exhibitions in Europe, the United States and Japan, as well as represented her country at the Venice Biennale in 1993. Her work has won numerous awards; in 2006 she was awarded the Praemium Imperiale, a prestigious award given by the Japan Society of Artists.


Artist’s website: yayoi-kusama.jp
Interview with Yayoi Kusama for the BOMB magazine: bombsite.com/issues/66/articles/2192


Self-Obliteration by Dots, Yayoi Kusama. Performance documented by Hal Reif. Source: bombsite.com

From the fashion show in New York, Yayoi Kusama. Source: lagraphicdesign.wordpress.com


Infinity Mirror Room, Yayoi Kusama. Source: artinfo.com


Phalli's Field, Infinity Mirror Room, Yayoi Kusama. Photo: ®DS


Photo: Yayoi Kusama Studio; source: iida.jp

Yayoi Kusama, source: naxart.com

Infinity Mirrored Room – Love Forever, Yayoi Kusama. Source: vanabbemuseum.nl


Infinity Mirror Room – Love Forever, Yayoi Kusama. Source: migrosmuseum.ch

Infinity Mirrored Room – Love Forever, Yayoi Kusama. Source: gloweindhoven.nl


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