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Muji is a Japanese brand that was founded in 1980. Its idea from the very beginning, was to provide basic everyday-life products, characterized by simplicity, quality and functionality – which is a characteristic feature of Japanese design. Muji products distinguish by the complete elimination of useless accessories and decorations, and no Muji logo or brand printed on the surface of the product.

Muji reflects the traditional Japanese way of life, which is characterized by a love for simplicity. Here’s how the company itself describes its philosophy:

MUJI is not a brand name whose value is based on advertising supplements, including tutorials.
MUJI is a simple – but simplicity achieved by means of the complexity of the concept and design.
MUJI improves its products by eliminating unnecessary elements that do not add any functional value.
MUJI as a brand, is rational and devoid of the second floor, all the “isms”.

There are more than 450 stores of this brand oerating all around the world, one of which was opened in Poland, Warsaw, in 2010. The offer of Muji covers clothing, furniture, articles for home and office, cosmetics, and toys for children.

On the MUJI Apps you can also download applications designed byMuji for iPhone or iPad. They are simple and functional: a calendar, a weather service application or a calculator and a catalog of the latest products from the collection of the brand.


Official MUJI website:
MUJI in Poland:


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